Art Déco mirrors


Due to the new metals and their specific treatment, metals such as chrome, aluminum and nickel were often used in mirrors in the form of ornaments such as women's bodies, Amazons, oriental dancers or flowers and blossoms.


Original Art Déco mirrors from France around 1930
Art Déco mirror. France around 1930. No.: 2266

Art Déco mirrors as art objects


Art Deco mirrors come in all sizes. Mostly consoles were among them that no longer exist - except for this case of a very beautiful , detachable console in macassar wood with 2 drawers and matching mirror - both furniture hemmed with nickel-plated chrome band and decorated on the edges of the console. 


Art Déco interior Wiesbaden


We recommend ourselves for high quality Art Déco furnishings from Paris from around 1930.


Luxury in glass and wood - timeless and elegant.


Art Déco mirrors and Art Déco interior