Art Déco side tables


Art Déco side tables are popular small furniture - created as a link between 2 armchairs - but also as a solitaire for a bouquet of flowers in a glass vase - for example, by Etling with an antelope and Amazon.

Also as lamp pedestals or for bronzes these beautiful works of art are very suitable.


The coffee table as furniture has become "salon-ready" only in the 20s - because in Art Déco salons were trendy meeting places of society but also in the rooms private. The selection of armchairs, bergères and sofas was created in this period as a new edition to the quality of living - the coziness and comfort paid the necessary respect to the aesthetics of Art Déco to present itself as perfect in form. 


Thus, the very charming side and coffee tables were created in various versions: with tulip base or side stepped, geometrically arranged style elements cubist austere forms with rectilinear shapes or even mirrored plates and circles in the tops.

Art Déco coffee or side table with mirror top.
Art Déco side table with mirror top. France around 1930