Oblivion, Art Déco Wiesbaden Regine Schmitz-Avila
Oblivion France about 1925, Art Déco


France about 1925

Art Déco


Bronze and alabaster on the socle of onyx. 


Kneeling woman holds a vessel of alabaster in her hands, with a small takedown bronze lid.


The word "oblivion" refers to effect of substance that should be burnt up in an incense burner.


The biography of the french sculptor Georges Duvernet who created this figure remains unknown, but the work "Oblivion" demonstrates his big talent and sense of style by itself, because both the staging of the represented bronze and woman's visual appearance absolutly answered to the trend. Her hair is closecut fashionably and she is wearing a bandeau which is considered as a kind of protection by antique ideals.


Height: 18.9 in. Length socle: 3.94 in. Width socle: 3.94 in. 

Nr. 636