The sailing yacht Xarifa in Neapolitan waters .

 Gouache on canvas.

  Signed: Luca Papaluca (1890 -1934)

   17.3 x 26 inches.Signed downto the right and centrally         

   identified XARIFA N.Y.Y.C. Under glass originally framed.

   Skipper picture. A portrait of the sailing yacht Xarifa in Vesuvius. It was built according to the plans of J.M.Soper  for an American sewing-machine-king Singer in the South of England in 1929.

On the back a letter of acknowledgement from professor Dr. Hans Haas from 19.2.1979, that confirms it is about the Xarifa. As well a letter of acknowledgement with the further information to the sailing yacht from the National Maritime Museum, London, 9.11.1977.

  Perfect condition!